Monday, June 13, 2011


So Laughing... 

It seriously is the best medicine. 
Just makes you feel GREAT.  
You can't help but smile while you
are laughing. 
It is a whole body experience.

but you need a goofy friend to laugh with 
 and who laughs with you. 

*I hate hate hate pictures of myself.. so This is a really hard post for me ... 
In the last 4 years I have become really insecure about myself. 
(I am just keepin it real here people.) 
I had a 3rd baby and never got back to were I wanted to be...
I also feel like I have aged about a billion years in that time. 
I hate seeing pictures of myself... It reminds me of what I am not anymore. 

Sorry for all that self loathing... Just keepin things real. 
anyway back to the laughing 
and the photos...
Jen the crazy Wannabe Crafter 
& I

 used my camera remote for a little photo shoot.
in a  really really old cemetery.... like 1600's old.

I have a hard time making odd faces... 
here below is one of them..
 Seriously, does anyone else have a hard time with this?? 

Here is Jen laughing at me being such a dork! 
(I am also laughing at what a dork I am)

See Jen, well she is just awesome at making these crazy impromptu faces...
Look at me marveling... 

Really... pretty goofy. 

Here I was trying to club her with a stick....  but yet I am smiling... so odd.
yet in someway ... so AWESOME.

this next photo is a fine example of our friendship...
We will be talking and one of us runs off to take an amazing photograph....
Seriously. We just stop mid sentence and take the shot.
(we both do it)

I believe that I am thinking... Man, That is a great shot. Wish I had 
seen it..

And here she just gets up and goes... Leaving me 

Alone... HA..

Anyway, It was an awesome day filled with many laughs.

the end.



Paul said...

LOL...those are all GREAT pics!

I think this is one of my favorite blogposts of yours..we actually get to SEE you in the Wild!!

Emily said...

your beauty is radiant! and you are so darn cute!

Astrid said...

Well, I can relate, on SO many levels. I too HATE seeing myself in pictures, and for that very reason. When I see me, I see wrinkles, dark circles under my eyes, and I just look OLD. I always thought that I would embrace the whole ageing process, but I really am not. Children definitely do things to our body that only plastic surgery can now rectify. I'm looking into it ;)
Anyhow, you look GREAT, better than Jen, that's for sure! ;) You'll cherish these pictures of the two of you together, forever. Great, honest, post today! Loved reading, and looking, at it :) x

Marcy said...

Well Amy, I wanted to be your 50th follower and it looks like I am 51! It was great meeting you! Too bad we only had one day together but it was sure better than no days so I'll take it! Love these pics of you two!!

Jen said...

Love this!! I too am not a fan of seeing myself....what is wrong with us women?!? And Astrid, thanks a lot ;)
What a fun day we had! I'll cherish it forever!

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