Monday, June 6, 2011


Jen and I took a field trip. 
We only have a few left... so we have to make them good. 
We went to the historic hudson river valley.
Lyndhurst, in Tarrytown.
It is breathtaking. 
The Rose garden is from 1911.
Oh, what a time we had. 

We were in our GLORY

Can you imagine the amazing aromas from 400 different types of roses? 


Some of them looked so perfect that they didn't look real.

I think I like the pale pinks and yellow the best.

I couldn't believe how many resembled Peonies. 

These reminded me of crepe paper. 


We spent hours walking around the grounds. 
If you are ever in the area
It is worth a trip. 

The entire trip was wonderful. 
I am going to miss our "adventure's"

Have a Glorious day.

The End.
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Amanda Jo said...

SO BEAUTIFUL!!! What great photos!!!

marge said...

how beautiful!!!
what a great trip!

Jen said...

It WAS a glorious day!! Love all your pictures! I'm going to miss our adventures too... Waaaaaaaaa :'(

By the Bluegrass said...

It is amazing how many different varieties of roses there are! These are lovely photos. Love the pale pink ones, they almost look like peonies.

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