Thursday, September 15, 2011


Have I  mentioned that I have been 
keeping busy with some embroidery??
Well. I have. 
This first piece took me about 3 weeks to complete. 

I have no way to show you how gianormus this actually is... 
I was going to frame it and then thought it would be fun to stick it in a gigantic 
hoop. and put a little Amy Butler Soul Blossoms on the side. 
{I am sure my Mother will think that I ruined it by doing that..}

Oh well, i thought it was fun. 

Every single letter was different. 

i think that Q was my favorite. 

and I really loved the X...

Z was pretty cute too. 

this next one is a Sarah Jane pattern. 
Except there are supposed to be 2 boys in the picture.
but since I was blessed with  3 girls 
I only did them.

That little girl... with the french knot hair... 
reminds me of Maddie with her curls. 

I haven't figured out where to hang them but I 
think maybe going up the stairs would be a 
cute spot for some hoop art. 



Jen said...

LOVE the little girl with the french knot Maddie hair!! Wow, you've got some serious skills....and patience! They are both so adorable, great job :)

Paul said...

WOW...more impressive work every time you post!!

BeingBrook said...

I love, love, love the ABC's. Gorgeous. The Amy Butler fabric you used is my favorite. My daughter's room is covered in the stuff. I stopped myself before stapling it to the walls. Gorgeous. I haven't embroidered anything since I was a teenager but you are totally inspiring me to get back at it!

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