Friday, September 16, 2011


Well, this is not the post I intended to sit down and 
write today
with that said, I will just say it. 

Our smart and  beautiful oldest daughter, Emily
has decided that next year when she
graduates high school she is 
going to go to Cosmetology school. 
This school is a Paul Mitchell Academy. 
We went to visit it last Spring and it is amazing .
Seriously, it is not just Beauty School...
I always think of Pinky for Grease when Someone
utters Beauty School.

I think it has gotten a bad rep. 

anyway, if she wanted to be a garbage girl (they make good money)  or 
a zoo keeper.. maybe a neuro surgeon, well it wouldn't matter, we 
would love and support her decision. 

Yesterday, someone who calls themselves a responsible adult made a
statement that floored me. 
this gal, asked her over Facebook  what colleges she was 
looking at for next year. 
She replied that she was going to go to  beauty school. 
then the person, private messaged her that 
she is much to pretty and smart to 
go to beauty school and she should consider 
going to college...


What a dingbat. So what she is saying is anyone who 
can't cut it and go to college.... is wasting their life? 
all those blue color workers... plumber's, electrician's...artist's
garbage men... hairdresser's.. waitresses'... MOM's. need I go on? 

So I have been pondering this statement since yesterday morning. 
THere are many things I would like to say
back to this friend of mine... but
it wouldn't be very Christ like and 
I am not sure how to approach this subject 
without the Mamma Bear Claws coming out. 

Emily, has always had a tough time in school. 
It just has never been her thing. She LOVES going to school.
She loves the social club that it allows her 
but the academics.. well not that she isn't smart (SHE IS) 
they just never have really mattered to her. 
now, give her something that she 
is interested in and she takes off. 

So I hate when people choose 
to try and help kids... 
that have no idea what on earth they are saying...
How it will effect them. 
How the WORDs that they utter
can cause damage and hurt. 
They can make people feel poorly and 
just not good enough. 

My Emily is a bright and shining star. 
For I know that she is wonderfully made. 
I know that GOD has a plan for her life 
and that whatever it is that she does 
she will do it amazingly because she 
has a mighty and powerful creator. 
Psalm 139 : 14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Jeremiah  29 : 11
For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give
you hope and a future.



Paul said...

Beautifully said, Amy!!

Jen said...

Wow, beautifully put! I get my hackles up whenever someone says that EVERYONE should go to college, it's just not for everyone(ME included!) You're telling me that the guys at Panico's making $500 a pop are regretting not going to a conventional "college"?!? I think not. I think my mama bear claws are coming out too!

marge said...

ok first i have been meaning to tell you that your ABC hoop art was TO DIE FOR and i love it with all my heart. my friend, amanda jo, wanted to get silly and ridiculous quotes from my boys and cross stitch those, which i thought was a cute idea! --wouldn't THAT be a conversation starter if you had one hanging in your living room? and secondly, your daughters are wonderful and beautiful and they have many many talents that i'm sure will be developed over their entire lives, so no matter WHAT they decide to do, i'm sure they'll do it with flare and genius and in a few years, who knows? she could be the best darn stylist the world has ever seen! plenty of people who go to a traditional college hate their jobs when they grow up and plenty of people who go to alternative types of continuing education love theirs. tell your daughter she is wonderful, and she'll be great at whatever she puts her mind to.

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