Wednesday, September 14, 2011

new ventures

Well, I am excited. 
I am going to be selling some things in a local shop. 
It is called the Cherry Hat.

It is an amazing shop where she has items from local 
artists and  lots of vintage items.

Right up my alley. 

So I made up some tea towels, to start with.  
I am hoping to do some other things. 
maybe start an etsy... 
maybe some local shows. 

I thought they were pretty cute. 
Loved the seed packet fabric I found by Lakehouse. 

Wish me luck... 


Jen said...

Oh Amy that's amazing!! Yay for you!
Sounds like this is a GREAT jumping off point for you! Don't have to worry about shipping etc. Best of both worlds for now!!
Zach keeps bugging me....need to figure out the Etsy selling thing. Oh and I'm free to chat this afternoon...just remembered that I forgot to tell you I was:)

Paul said...

That is so GREAT, Aim'!! Congratulations!! :D

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