Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Inspiration workshop { Books }

Inspiration Workshop  Books...

I was thinking long and hard about this post. 

I would like the answer to be all intellectual ... 

but its not. the books that I currently can't put down are... 

Doodle Stitching

If you want to embroider this is the book to buy! 

and The PAN that can. 
which was a gift from my  { amazing } sister. 
I took care of her dog Kuma.
She gifted me with this fab cookbook
it is all about dishes to cook in a 

9 x 13 pan! 

Loving it. 

So that is what is on my bookshelf this week. 

 the end. 



Jen said...

That doodle stitching book looks amazing!! I bet you get all kinds of inspiration from that sucker! Jealous!

hannah singer said...

both of these books look like fun!
they're going on my wishlist;)

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