Saturday, September 24, 2011


So  when did it become acceptable for MEN (or anyone for that matter)
to just curse in public? 
I fear that having any manners at all is a thing of the past. 
Especially where I live. 
Maybe it is only up North? 
{Please, tell me it is not like this in the rest of this country.} 
Most Men are not gentlemen anymore, and
it is rare that anyone says Please and thank you... 

 I was in the parking lot of a bakery today with my 2 daughters and my 2 nieces. 
My oldest niece and I got out of the car and were standing 
waiting to cross the road when a man with his window rolled down 
started to curse 
at the man in the car behind him. 
I Yelled "Sir, watch your Mouth their are children and women 
To which his answer was "he wasn't talking to me." As he got out of the car 
he walked closer he continued to spout out that he wasn't directing those statements at me....
I told him," it didn't matter who he was speaking to He could have said it without the cursing" 

The thing is he just didn't get it... 
He didn't get why I was asking him to watch the profanity spewing  forth from his mouth. 
this was not a young man either. 
He was a man of probably 60.

He couldn't seem to drop it and really was annoyed by me. 
He came over to me while I was in line at the bakery. 
again telling me, 
"that the guy was on his butt... "

Sir, I understand that but I just asked you to watch your mouth. 
My kids don't need to hear that language... I don't need to hear that language.

With that he told me again... "That guy was on my A**" 


Sir your mouth! 

he walked away.

He didn't get it. what a moron. 

this happens a lot around here.
I tend to say something, more people should say something , 
I think anyway. 

{Jen would have wanted to die....  }
My Niece thought it was awesome! 

My question is why do we tolerate this anyway? 
Why don't more people stand up and say something? 

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