Friday, September 9, 2011



My Internet is not working on my computer. So I have to quickly blog from my iPad.
No internet...wahhhh.
My sewing machine is being serviced in Pennslyvania where they are having major historic amounts of flooding.... Waaahh.
I am seriously ready to sew after about three weeks of not having my machine.
Iphmmm what else's can go terribly wrong I ask you?
Okay, I am being dramatic.

I beleve that I have a condition known as misophonia. Yes it is awful. It is the hatred of certain noises. Seriously, not kidding. But it is pretty funny. I have always gotten irrupted by odd noises like people crunching ice... Popcorn kernels, chewing... Slurping sends me over the edge. Clanking of forks against teeth... Anyway for me whole life my family has always made fun of me because of this.... Okay it is a bit odd.... My husband , who has become obsessed with reading from his fox news app, on wednesday read about this condition known as misophonia.. Really he started laughing I think. He read it to me. I knew at that moment there were other suffer's in the world who felt the same as I did....hehe. But the sad an unfortunate news about it... NO CURE! They do have support groups for it... Can you imagine bunch of people sitting around talking about their hatred of sounds... Good grief.

Well, I think I will survive. Hopefully.
Life isn't all that bad.

Hopefully my wifi will get fixed soon and at least the rain has stopped so maybe the rivers will crest and the flooding will stop. Those poor folks. Pray for them.

The end.

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Jen said...

I didn't know that was a condition! I thought it was just life, so I guess I have it too! chewing, slurping, more then one thing on at a radio and tv and someone trying to talk to me?!? Ahhhhhhhhh Painful.

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