Sunday, September 25, 2011

for you

I have been playing with some graphics and my photos &   I am loving that
I am figuring all this out. 

{{ please feel free to grab these images}}
I made them for all of you as a thank you for reading my blog. 
If you don't already follow me,  I am asking that you would and 
would you 
leave a comment telling me that you enjoyed 
the graphics.
It kinda makes my day.  

The first picture is because I feel like I need to just Give thanks 
for everything that I am going thru in my life right at this moment. 
I am trying to be glad for all things, good and bad. 

and the second is because I sang that song to all my babies, It is one of my favorites! 
I took that picture in Virginia this summer at the side of the road. 
I just couldn't get over the glory of God's creation for us. 
Just how happy it made me as I drove along. 

and have a lovely day! 

I am sure i don't need to say it but obviously these images are for you 
don't go and try to sell them or anything. 


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