Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Eggbert or that's what I named him.

So I have come to realize something about myself.

I am not a good multi tasker. 

In fact, I am awful at it. 

Now, I  know some people are going to say,

"Amy, You are to hard on yourself.." 

But it is the down right truth.

And I am going to work on this... flaw.

Let me explain where this is coming from.

This is my Day 1 of Week 5 for P90X. 

(Holy Moly. 
I am very proud of myself.)

Since I started that... everything else has come to a crashing halt.

Okay, not everything just my blog. 

Because I took the hour and a half that I was sitting on the couch in the morning 

drinking my coffee and replaced it with P90X. 

Oh well..

So back to the name of my post.... 


On Easter between baking some pies for my Mom's house and Maddie's nap The Creative Bug HIT me.

I was browsing Sew 4 Home and saw the cutest little stuffed animals. 
(wish i had seen them before Easter Sunday to give to my girls...) oh well. 

I thought... hmm I could whip that up & so I did. 

I used scraps. 

I also replaced the button eyes with a french knot. 


his feet dangle.... awww.


1 comment:

Jen said...

You may not be blogging as much, but you are sure looking svelte these days! Eggbert is SO sweet!! I could use me an Eggbert...you feeling crafty enough to make me one?? ;)
And PS...Miss you:( how are we going to be able to live in two different States?? Waaaaaaaa

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