Friday, April 15, 2011

New Beginnings

Spring is one of my very favorite time of the year. 
Many reasons...

 I love the colors,
 the green green grass.
The yellow daffodils that sit in that green grass. 
The Perfect pinks and cream of the magnolia blossoms. 

"Can't get enough" (As Jen would say) 

I also Love Easter. The meaning. The rebirth. 
The beautiful thoughts I have thinking that Christ died for me.
I sometimes wonder how he gave his son. 
Having children makes me think about that. 
Could I do that... pretty sure I couldn't.

I Love that God graces me with a  New Beginning, Each and Everyday. 
I love that I have made the commitment to take care of my physical self. 
& I love my new blog... : ) 

Are you sick of reading about that.... 
It is just so LOVELY. YIPPIE. 

On Day 19 P90X 
thanks for praying for me gals. 



Paul said...

The New look is Great!! :)

Amy said...

Thank you Paul.

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