Monday, February 1, 2010

Drop Cloths & Old Books - Part Deux & The Progression not in that order


With out

Just getting started

Nice Paul! Good Work! We like the beard!

Drapes and Old Books

First I would like to show you what I have been up to. I made these Drapes for the living room. They turned out better then I could have ever hoped! I love them. I saw the idea here. I ran out and found drop cloths at Home Depot. (They had 2 for $9) Wow! Cheap. Threw them in the washer and dryer to soften them up and then ironed them. I sewed button holes across the top (2 inches down & Every 4 inches across the top) Ran out and got Target' (Say it with La French Accent) Curtain Rods in Black. Weaved them thru the top, asked my Husband to hang them up and Voila! They look like linen. Love them. I still have to hem the bottoms But, I like the way they puddle at the floor. So Grand Total per window......... $20. YAY! we are on a budget over here! I really liked the pottery barn Drapes with the grommets. 1 panel is $69. and One rod is $49! You do the math.... That is $187 per window treatment. ahhh life is good!
The picture is not great. I was rushing... I always try and take my photos while trying to get dinner on the table! ADD brain as Dominic calls me..... (so True)

Old Book Wreath.

So here it is my Old Book Wreath . Saw this here. Loved it. Bought a wreath form for $9 went down into the basement found a old book form the 30's. went upstairs checked the computer to make sure it wasn't worth anything before I tore out the pages. (it wasn't) and went to town with Hot Glue. It took me 3 days ( a bit here and a little there) and I love it! It is huge. I had originally thought it would be smaller (but I had to pick the Largest wreath form they had...) I was going to hang it some place else but it was toooo big. well it is pretty awesome! very happy with how it turned out! and super easy.

Have a great week!

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Paul said...

NICE job on the "progression" pics, LOL!!

....and the wreath looks VERY cool!!!!!

Hope you have great week, Aim'!!

Infarrantly Creative said...

LOVES drop cloth curtains and your LWL wreath. Great job Amy!

Hi I'm Amy, said...

Why THank You ! I love them too!

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