Friday, February 26, 2010

And yet another snow day....

Out the back window.

The Truck he spent the last 22 hours in!

This has been one of the worst winters that I can remember in years. I happen to L-O-V-E it but there are some that are sick of it. It has been snowing as I sit and write this for now more then 24 hours. It began yesterday morning at around 6 am. My husband left around 11 am to go out and start plowing. He was our for about 22 hours. He came in an hour ago to rest up and then go back out. I have been instructed to wake him when I put Maddie down for her nap. That is around 12. all I can hear from the monitor is zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

So what do we do when it snow's? Well, the teenager usually pouts because she is stuck in the house with her mother and 2 sister's.... but I love it. I think these days when we aren't allowed to slow down and stay home, it force's us to do so. I Love to just sew, bake, cook suppers that take a little longer to prepare, hang out with my children and usually end up doing loads upon loads of laundry. I love not being able to even get to the car. Or out the front door for that matter. I know that it can't last that much longer.... (winter that is) it is almost March. But I will enjoy that beauty of the blanket of white.... while it is here. I think it may help us to appreciate the beauty that Spring has to offer!

It is still snowing and is not supposed to stop until Tomorrow morning.

Good Grief that is a lot of snow!

View out the front window.

Sara made Maddie soup for breakfast. She loved it.

My messy sewing area.
I am working on a quilt for the family room.

The new fabric for my quilt. All repro 30's. My Favorite!

One of the blocks not even close to being finished.
Thank goodness for the snow so I can get some sewing done today : )

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marge said...

cute fabric!! i could never quilt... no patience whatsoever. ;)

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