Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Holy Cuteness! I am in love! I feel some craftiness in my near future..... DIY PLAY KITCHEN

I think this is one of the cutest idea's that I have come across in Blogland. I can't wait to get started.... Nap time seems so far away.

Tonight is the first night of Zumba! I am actually really really looking forward to it. I am forcing my Mom to go with me! Should be fun. Here is hoping for a new healthier me. (I am trying really I am) Need to try harder.

Onto Potty Training. Maddie is doing well. I find the more accidents she has the more she realizes that she does not like that wet feeling and is becoming more aware of what is going on. So it just requires a bit more laundry on my part but that is OK. Maybe by Spring we will be out of diapers. At least during the day. That will be a nice savings in the wallet area. Should have used entirely Cloth. Would have saved money in the entire scheme of things and would have been potty trained by around 2. Oh well.... (I was going to say next time) Don't think that applies..... I wouldn't mind... Dom says "No More" hey it is in God's hands. Right? Right!

Love Dare Update- I didn't do very much reading last week. Em was sick I was tired.... Didn't do well. ( Excuses, Excuses ) We did watch the movie, Fireproof. I sobbed at the end. Great Movie for you to watch with your spouse.

I have to go and purchase one new hairdryer..... UGHHH. I feel like I have to buy a new one every six months. I guess the fact that you have 3 people using it on a constant bases means you go thru them faster. It was sparking yesterday. NOT GOOD. Having one of my girls head of hair catching on fire is not my idea of a good time. Need I say More!

Ooooo I have a upcoming Photo Shoot. My Wonderful Friend , Paul told me about something and I am dyeing to go shoot some pics of it. I will post them when I do. Maybe tomorrow.

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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