Wednesday, November 23, 2011

giveaway and a fabulous store.

My dolls, they are in a little store. It is a fabulous store...
It is called The Cherry Hat and it happens to be run my 
my one of my best friends from High School's Mom.
(that was a mouthful) 

She has an amazing eye, she is so creative , wonderful, kind and a generous lady. 
She is very talented and has many items she makes in her store. 

The bibs... 

the stitchery...

attention to all the little details. 

She had a Holiday Open House on Saturday. 

It was beautiful. 

She supports local, handmade. 

It is like an etsy shop.... 

and my favorite part is that you feel like you are walking into her home. 
She has one of those homes... you know the ones. 
You walk in the front door and you feel like family. 
Like you can kick your feet up on the coffee table and relax. 

that is how her store feels. 

It is small and charming. 

my talented Mom, made these beautiful quilted ornaments. 
I think that is called a cathedral window... very intricate and lovely. 

and I love these... old christmas light ornaments. so clever. 

and here is the cherry hat... 

Mrs. Cupano, you have an amazing shop. 
All the best. 

and I am over at 

today with a giveaway of one of my littlest beansprouts. 

hope you come over and visit. 

Happy Thanks Giving Everyone. 




Jen said...

I so want, no NEED, to go to that store! Looks fabulous! And yay for a giveaway, I'm so headed over there right now:)

Andrea @ Keepin it Thrifty said...

What an amazing little store! :)
I love your etsy shop!

Melissa said...

such a fun cute store!!

your dolls are a great addition to the store!

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