Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Don't forget if you haven't entered the giveaway for one of 
my littlest beansprouts... its the last day to enter  at Imprintalish.

the Holiday Boutique  that I am in is this weekend, starting Friday night. 
So, my Etsy shop will be closing Friday morning until Monday.

I am a little nervous... Hard putting your creative self right out there on a ledge. 
I have either made way to much or not nearly enough. 

being that i Have never done this before I had no way to judge.
We will just pray for the best... 

And I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by  this entire process of getting ready. 
Tags... Sewing... inventory list... 
I have 63 dolls
4 small monsters
17 medium monsters
9 Large monsters
& I have several berets and boy caps.

Still have 4 more little beansprouts to finish sewing. 

Someone ordered. 

The hardest part about this is.... The person whom I would most 
like to share all this nonsense  with, 
JEN.... missing her like crazy.
 So I promised her I would  take tons of pictures.. and phone pictures
so she feels like she is with me. 

Wish me luck.. 
I will be back to regularly blog post when this event concludes! 

missing you guys! 


Lish said...

You are going to kick butt this weekend! I know it! Your little creations are so darn cute and just so you know, your giveaway has been the top entered giveaway out of all my Kick off to Christmas giveaways....:D!

Paul said...

Not to worry & don't stress; It is a new venture & a new experience - the Boutique will go great & everyone will LOVE your creations...I can feel it!!! :D

Jen said...

Oh man, I'm missing you like crazy too! I SO wish I could be there to support you, but I will do so in prayer from down South! I love you Amy and your dolls are amazing and I just KNOW the boutique is going to go splendidly for you :) And WHEN, you run out of dolls at the boutique, just take orders and make more!! Can't wait to see all the pictures....

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