Monday, November 21, 2011


Life is fleeting.

I I had the news today that friends of ours daughter died in a tragic car accident on Saturday. 

I haven't seen this family in years, they in fact moved out to Wyoming years ago. 

But when Emily was little our girls and their older son, would spend lots and lots of time together. 

Their twin girls were born in May and Em is July. 

It hit me hard reading this news on Facebook that she, at 18 years old, was gone from this world. 

What hit me even harder was the fact that I am sure they are not believers. Now, I am praying that I am 

wrong. Perhaps in the years we haven't seen them they grew to know the Lord. I am praying for that. 

I started to think about what I would do if that was us, our family, in that situation. How would I ever recover from that? Would my faith carry me through? Would I be able to live?

What would I do or how should I be behaving differently if every time I saw my girls it was the last time. 

the last kiss, 
the last snuggle, 
the last hug? 
The last harsh word? this last last... is what really got me thinking.... I need to live and love my girls like it is the last time everyday. Because life is far too short for arguing and fighting ... bickering...

 Emily and I have a turmultiotus relationship. I need to "Cut it Out" as my husband would say. I need to love her (all my girls) for who they are. They are all special and wonderful. They are all gifts from God.

 We don't know how long we are here for. But we can choose to use those days we have to be kind and loving. 

and I am going to choose to snuggle just a little longer at bedtime with Maddie , read that  extra book or sing that extra song without thinking... man will she just get to sleep... 

I will listen to Sara, (she likes to talk and tell stories) I will hear her and laugh with her and love her.

I will choose to be kind and considerate, not judgmental of Emily. I will tell her she is lovely inside and out. I will not critic her makeup hair or clothes... I will just love her for who she is becoming. 

like it was the last time. 

Life is fleeting. 


Jen said...

Amen! I can't even begin to fathom what they are going through, and I pray I never have to. It just feels wrong when a child goes before the parents....just doesn't seem natural.
Your daughters are wonderful, beautiful girls ...inside and out!.... and you are so lucky to have them!

Paul said...


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