Thursday, July 12, 2012

S E W I N G - Quilting

I have been so in l o v e with sewing as of late. 
I mean, I always love to sew but lately 
I feel extra creative and  really 
enjoying the entire process. 
from picking out the fabric to 
laying out or designing the pattern, 

(almost feel like a designer)

maybe I missed my calling... 
although I am only Thirty Something, 
I probably haven't missed anything

We are supposed to design a name tag to wear at 
our guild meetings... 

Hello my name is...
So here is mine, 
I used fabric from my stash... 
It is only 4 x 3 so it is pretty small. 
I am going to put a grommet into it and
and stick it on a silver chain. 

This is the back. 
It would be my nod to 
the wonky log cabin
I LOVE my my little VW vans.... 

These might just be the worst photos in history....

The other thing that I made was this AMAZINGINGLY 
HUGE wonky Star wall-hanging. 
I saw it somewhere on Pinterest and decided I needed 
to make that. 
I am actually going to be entering it in the Sussex County State Fair. 

(If I get it done) 
I still have to back it and bind it and quilt it. 
When it is complete I will get some close up shots of it. 
It has a Star in a Star in a Star. 
The original I saw did not have the tiny
star in the middle square.

I also Made a Quilt for my Mom and Dad for their Anniversary. 
I made that in 2 days.
I planned on taking about a week, 
but life happened and I needed to get it done in a hurry. 

I captured the goings on with my phone...
Here I am piecing away.

Stitching on the very adorable binding... 
(and if you don't know how to make your own binding, 
please tell me, I would love to teach you how.) 

I adore pieced backs... 

So here is the back 
Sorry, I should have taken it outside and hung it on the clothesline but
I was on a very tight time schedule...  

The Front. 
I used Cluck Cluck Sews
Stars and Stripes Quilt and made it a Throw Size

My Mom and Dad really liked it. 
I was  pleased that I finished it. 
and even got it quilted... 
I just did a simple line quilting. 

anyway, I have been busy sewing all summer, 
what have you been up too? 



Paul said...

Nice work, Aim' your style! I should commission some work from you!! ;)

maggie may said...

i'm going to send you money and you're going to make something oh-so-lovely for me because i am green with envy at your cuteness.
and your fabric choices. you've got an eye, girl!

Amy said...

Haha. Thanks, your too too kind.

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

I love quilts but sadly have only made two of them. You've got some fabulous sewing skills!

melintheattic said...

I didn't get to tell you tonight how much I love the wonky star quilt. I can't wait to try some stars of my own now.

brianticsblog said...

Ok... I'm sensing a craft club starting. I miss it!!! So glad I met you today. LOve the blog, so consider me your newest follower...


Jen said...

Love Love Love Love!! That name tag is officially the CUTEST! And that wonky quilt?!? amazing

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