Tuesday, July 3, 2012

June Package Pals

At the end of May I stumbled across a package pal swap,
sort of like a pen pal but with crafts... cool. 

I received  word that  my pal was

I read her blog and stalked her pinterest boards a little 
and saw that she was new to sewing. 
and had a fabulous gallery wall  
and so I figured something for that would be fun. 

so I thought and thought and 
saw the saying somewhere

She thought she could, SEW she did.
and since I am obsessed with canvas's lately I 
combined the too. 

and so since I completely can't locate the photos of the things that 
I sent her.... I borrowed the photo she took of them

I also made her some vintage button magnets, a vintage trim bracelet 
and a cute little vintage hanky.....

photo courtesy of Two of Two Seven

I love getting mail.
Letters, packages.. it doesn't matter.
the joy of seeing the mail man deliver something other then a bill...
well it makes me giddy. 
Jenna was so sweet and I loved everything she made me and sent.

She made the sweetest little bunting, I hung it up on my dining room cabinet.

even the card was adorable. I LOVE owls. 
 and she sent some amazing bottle caps that I can't wait to get crafty with.

my favortie.... the ORANGE crush. 
amaze-balls as Jen would say. 

and last but far from least she made me the 
most adorable burlap pillow. 
with a hand painted anchor. 
I adore it. 
 Its on a little bench by the back door
that we sit on to put shoes on.
I covered that bench with some chenille and I am loving the contrast of textures.
the soft of the chenille with the burlap.

Thanks, Jenna. I had a great time sending and receiving. 

How Fun. 



Jenna said...

Amy, I'm so glad you liked your things! It looks like you found the perfect spots for them. :)

Saint Olive said...

I love the piece you made for her gallery! It's beautiful and so cheery! Jenna, I also love what you sent. The anchor pillow is great! You both were such a great match. I also participated in the linky party. I'm #20. Check out my blog and if you see anything you like, I would love to trade if you would be willing. I just love both of your styles!

Living in La La Land said...

I love the canvas, it is so unique, cute and fun!

I am so jealous of your pillow(:

So fun!!!

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