Friday, January 3, 2014

Dear 2014

Dear 2014,

I am praying that you are a better year then 2013. Don't get me wrong I did some amazing things I never thought that I could or would have been capable of, but I am happy you are over. There I said it.
I made a lot  of quilts this year. In fact in just the month of November I made 5.  I designed all of them and I was very very pleased to give them to some very very special people in my lives... I did keep one for the sofa.

We also began our homeschooling journey. (never ever in a million years did I think I would write that sentence) A Kindergartner and a Ninth Grader. It is Amazing and I am so Blessed that we followed where we felt God was leading us.

I watched our wonderful Lulu pass away. She was a wonderful fuzzy gentle love for almost 12 years of  my family. It was hard. We miss her. I miss her still.  We Welcomed 2 weeks ago into our family a new fuzzy boy. Buckrams Happy Happy Happy,but that is his formal name we just call him Wally. He is A LOT of work and I am looking forward to when he is a little more grown up and can really truly be part of the family. Although I love (almost) every moment with him..... especially when he is napping.

I watched our oldest daughter slipping away. It hurts. Its a heavy burden and I CAN NOT carry it on my own. I have to give it over to God and allow him to work in her life. Let me tell you, its not easy. We love her but like I have said before, God her heavenly Father loves her more and has a plan for her life. So thank you to all that have been keeping her lifted in prayer. Please continue to do so.

I also met some wonderful new good friends. And who would have thought I would meet a bunch of Christian girls in our quilt guild. WHAT a BLESSING. I can't even tell you. I really can't tell you. Its crazy how and where God places people in your life.

I was baptized this fall and we found a  church where I feel like I am truly being taught the word. So happy about that.

I am not going to make any resolutions but I am  going to try harder this year to be better at planning dinners .... and getting housework done. I want to blog more again,  I want to open up my etsy store and sell handmade quilts that I design. I also want to work on public speaking and I would also like to add to my list a showing of my photographs in a gallery..... (one can dream)  So my list isn't too big. Oh and I have to think of a word for this year. My word last year was Beloved.  I still need to focus on that word....

anyway, out with the old... in with new. (is that the saying)

Good bye 2013, I learned a lot about myself this year, this the last year of my third decade....  i pray that I can put all that I learned to good use. Helping others in their hard times.  that would make it all worth while.



Paul said...

Wishing for nothing but the Best for you & The Family in the coming year(s)!!!

Jen said...

Such a hard year, but knowing that she is in His hands... so much better than our incapable ones! Love you and your whole family and paying for a wonderful year ahead! So much exciting stuff on the horizon!!

maggie may said...

i cannot wait for your etsy store!
how exciting.
your pup is so cute.
and i'm sorry about your daughter. i can't imagine how hard that must be for y'all.
i rejoice that you are drawing nearer to the Lord. He is good.

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