Friday, January 14, 2011

It's like a Parade. So exciting.


Holy Toledo


I have this thing on my blog called a BLOG FROG... anyway..... it tells me who has been visiting my little ol' blog. Yeah, that is right makes me feel a tiny bit important..... (You all know you check and see who and where people looking are from..) anyway.... PIONEER WOMAN Ree herself... HOLY COW! can you believe it???? (all 22 of you)

Perhaps your saying Who is Ree? this Pioneer Woman you are babbling about? (and if that is the case, have you been living in a hole? ) She is one of the reasons I blog. Seriously. I have read her blog for sooooo long. She is a super ROCK star in the blogging land. Really I am not exaggerating not one little bit. Anyway, She looked at my blog! She perhaps is wondering who I am? I comment on a ton of her post. 

It is so funny because I really am not a  Huge Celebrity Star seeker... Really I have met some and they are just ordinary people.... put their pants on one leg at a time... But you see Ree... she is in another category all its own. 


Nice to know The Pioneer Woman took a moment of her busy day to visit the Little Bean Sprout.


Best Day Ever....  (okay maybe not but all things considered pretty Dang Cool) 

(jut threw in some pictures of the parade so you would have something to look at...) 


Jen said...

SO exciting! Were you just as excited to see me "hop" onto your website as Ree?!?
Awesome parade pictures! LOVE the close up of the fire truck:)

Amy said...

lol lol HOP HOP! Yes I was more excited because I know and Love you : )

Laurie J said...

how bout me?! I've only got 12 followers but I hopped on by ;) haha, I have a blog crush on ashley ann from totally cool blog if you've never checked it out. I'd be beside myself if ever she stopped by my little blog! Well, fun blog you've got here. thanks for letting me stop by!

Anonymous said...

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