Thursday, January 6, 2011


(I hate when my blog post don't have pictures so these are some from Christmas...) 

I love to create. Maybe the medium is fabric, Photograpy or my newest obsession wood. I convinced my husband that we should build Maddie a bed. Yes you read that right.... Not go out to the store and purchase one like normal folks... Handcraft one so that perhaps our great great grandkids might someday enjoy sleeping in it. ..hehe

Have you ever heard of Ana White? (well if not go and google her) She is a brilliant and very talented homemaker up in Alaska that gives us with plans to build furniture.... Seriously. All these cool projects from Beds to media centers... all Pottery Barn inspired... Knock offs. So I have had my eye on a few projects. 

Madelyne is ready for a bed.... So build it we shall. we headed over to Home Depot yesterday to get the wood.. It cost abuot $60. We got the white pine boards that were already primed. Dom cut all the boards to size and we began to build. He is even countersinking the screw heads.... Oh that was very cool.... It has taken us about 3 hours so far, It is going well. We have to finish it up and then I will begin to paint it. I got a pretty cream color and then I will distress the heck out of it and then I will wipe a darkish glaze over the whole thingYippie.... I will of course do a post on it so you can see how it ends up. 

Here is a link to the plans, her site and the Farmhouse toddler bed we are making. (I am such a  geek... so excited about this.) She even has plans to make the exact same bed in teeny tiny for a doll.. (I do see that in my future. )

I Love the Lydia bed... check that out. And the grown up Farmhouse Bed... So Fabulous! and a corner desk and a crafting table... oh my.....  So many projects.. not enough room. 

What do you like to create? 


Jen said...

Awesome! I can't wait to see the pictures....or maybe even in person;) So cool to do a project with the hubby too! Zach....not so handy. He and I will stick to assembling Ikea furniture....

froogal said...

Amy, I love that first photo. The Christmas tree almost looks like some wacko wallpaper and the cranked up color on your daughters sweater...but my favorite thing about the photo is the expressions that you caught on your girls faces....but wait, on second look I also love the stripes and plaid...the whole thing is perfection.
...and good luck on that bed project, I can't wait to see it, you have given me new inspiration!

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