Friday, January 28, 2011

growing up

Well, my baby (she is not my baby but she was for so long that she will always have that place in my heart.) Sara, is going on her first winter retreat. She is leavin' tonight. I won't fret to bad because her Daddy and Uncle are chaperones and my two nieces are going as well. They have a lots of snow. I pray that they will have a wonderful time. These kids are growing up so quickly. (how is this happening I remained 25 and they continue to age) ... a mystery to me. craziness, I tell you. 
So it will just be a quite house this weekend. Emily, Maddie and Honey Momma... (Maddie used to call me that... melts my heart) 

Well, I was going to add a special picture to this post.... But as I sit here and type I just got a text saying that if I put up said photograph this gal will UN-FRIEND me... so I will delete it right now from my post and not share it with  the world.  ( all 21 of you)  I would just Die if Jen unfriended me. I don't think I could live with out her friendship 

Well have a groovy weekend. Looking forward to the quilting I can get down without a husband around to have to cook for and all that other stuff they make us get done... hehehehe

Oh and Jen and I are going to go into the city on Tuesday to wait in a very very long line to catch a glimpse of PW wooohooo! So if you happening to be reading this Pioneer Woman,  I may become tongue tied (which I don't think ever has happened to me...) so I may not be able to tell you that  you have inspired me. Thanks. 

Here are some of my other shots from Lancaster. 


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Jen said...

Thanks for not putting the picture up:) You know I could never unfriend you....but I REALLY didn't like that picture! SO pumped for tuesday!! Make sure you bring your creeper lens;)
Gorgeous shots(as usual), love the black and white of the buggy!
Call me if you are bored! Sewing party on Saturday night???

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