Monday, January 24, 2011

Wonderful Good.

I was blessed to be able to take a Road Trip my dear Friend, Jen. She is what I would call a Kindred Spirit. Kindred Spirit by definition means a person who shares beliefs, attitudes, feelings or features with another. I have actually never had a friend like Jen. We share so much in common that it can only mean this friendship was definitely orchestrated by God. Like the fact that we can road trip to Lancaster County, PA to go fabric shopping and take lots and lots of photographs. We laughed and cried. (well, I mostly cried) and we shared a wonderful good time together. Made some amazing memories and bought some beautiful fabric. 
Here are some of the images from our weekend. Enjoy.  

Oh and it was a high of about 16 degrees while we were there.... brrr.

1930's Repro. I was in HEAVEN. 

pondering fabric @ Burkholders Denver, PA

mmm picked beats

Jen, Taking a shot of me taking a shot. 


Beautiful sun setting over "God's Country"as  Jen, loving refers to it. 

Gina owner of  Bitty Kinna's in Intercourse, PA
she opened up her closed shop so that we could come in. She even designed a
quilt for me while we were there. WOW. One talented lady. 

The First Covered Bridge we found. 

Some of the moo cows we love. 





Young Love


German Shepard that almost ate us. 

Jen, hanging out the window to get this beautiful photograph! Thanks Jen.



Jen said...

The End! hahaha! I love your shots.... I can't choose a favorite, there are too many amazing ones! But I have to say that your moo cow close up and "reflection" ones were! So funny that we are both seeing the same things and taking shots of different things/angles!
You are one talented lady and those rows of fabric are what I keep seeing when I close my eyes!
Kindred Spirits indeed! Love you Amy:) .....when is the next trip??!

Paul said...

WOW..GREAT Pics, Aim'!

I'm so glad you had such a good time! ;)

Amy said...

thanks thanks thanks! Love the Amish Country!

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