Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snow. Snow. Snow.

The Snow is falling. 
Beautiful, white, perfect flakes. 
It is so lovely, peaceful  and calming. 
I happen to adore it. 
It makes you have to stay put. 
Slow Down. 
Wonder at the Beauty. 
Thank you, Lord, for all this lovely snow this winter here in New Jersey. 
This is why I love living here. (It sure isn't for the pleasant, kind and thoughtful folks...)
Oh and the other thing that I oh so love about the snow is You get to wear the most lovely footwear... BIG CLUNKY HEAVY DUCK BOOTS. Like the ones we used to wear to muck stalls out at my Aunt's Farm in Pennsylvania. (see I really am a country gal trapped in a outside of the 'burbs girl's body)  

The End. 

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