Saturday, July 17, 2010

How Blessed We are

Well, I am feeling extremely blessed. I read today about a family who lost their 17 month old baby girl yesterday. You can read their blog here. I read this and then held our youngest baby girl in my arms and sobbed.  This family is showing that they are really giving this tragedy to God. It is in His hands.
I take for granted (as I am sure that many of us do) so much with my kids.  Think about how special Hugs, Sweet kisses, hearing the words I Love You and so many other daily occurrences are..... ugh! Makes them that much sweeter.  I feel blessed that we have been gifted almost 17 years with Emily, 11 years with Sara and 2 years with Maddie. What a GIFT! You never know what tomorrow will bring.

I had a wonderful week. We had VBS. I was blessed to be able to be around many wonderful woman, but there were a few who are just Kindred Spirits. We are all about the same age....(I think I may be the oldest..BLAH) we all share the same interest, we are all Stay at Home Mom's. ( Jenn if you are reading this... I am not some crazy stalker... I promise) & We are also all parents of toddlers. I think that is pretty cool...
So anyway, Sarah lead the women's Bible Study where we studied Proverbs.... WOW.... Did you ever really study proverbs? I knew some of them but I had never actually done a study on them! I have to tell you we spoke about being wife and a mother and I was convicted more then once. These are some powerful words! There is one I can't get out of my mind

Proverbs 16:24
Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.

I am sure that verse has changed my life. I know how powerful the words that come out of our mouths and across our lips are but when you think about how kind and encouraging words are to someone. That they are so sweet that they can satisfy and nourish the soul and have healing powers to who we are, well, that is just HUGE! I included this cool photo of honey so you could see how it oozes with goodness.
But just as sweet words are to the nourishment to the soul.... It is safe to say that harsh words break bones... malnourish the soul. It is hard to take back the ugly awful things that come out of our mouths.... I have struggled with this awful sin for most of my life. Yes all 36 years. I have defiantly (with God's help) Become much better at not spewing hurtful things at people (usually people who I love...)  but I will certainly be held accountable for the miserable things that I have said. Thank the Lord that  he is a forgiving God who loves us and helps us to seek change. 

Well, I just wanted to share that. I really want to hold tight to that verse. So that I think about that and encourage instead of use words that break someone down. 

I am only human & I am blessed for the Grace of God that he shows me daily. 


Sarah said...

Oh, Amy...I love how transparent you are!! And that picture of honey is beautiful. What a blessing to share the week together, studying the Word of God, rich with mercy, grace, and GENTLE words, which convict our hearts, but don't break us down. Love your blog!!

Jen said...

I've been thinking about the "kind words are like honey to the soul" verse as well and boy has it been something that I've struggled with ALL my life! I think I will write it out and post it by my sink like Sarah(where I am most of the day, stupid no dishwasher:))! I've also had the verse, "she works with her hands in accordance with her pleasures" in my head. I LOVE that one! I know you are not a crazy stalker, and if you are, then I guess you found your match;) It was so awesome to meet you girls this week, definitely an answer to prayer!

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