Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Where does inspiration come from? 

I believe God has given me a gift.  A gift to look at things and see the beauty in them. Even things that may not seem to have beauty.

Take this cow for instance. I do love cows, have since I was a very little girl.  Every time we went on a car trip I would utter the words...."Daddy, stop the car please, I want to pet a cow" He never stopped by the way.... lol Now I stop the car and get as close as I can without getting shots fired at me from some farmer who thinks I am crazy practically laying on the mushy ground to get at the same level. Look at her ears! They are great. I think I may have been annoying this cow as in a few photos she put her ears back as to say "that is enough or I am going to get up and charge you...."

So as God may have put it in me to see beauty in my surroundings even as a very little girl, I want to send you a challenge to do the same thing.

    Give it a Try it. Soon you will be looking at things in an entirely new light.


Jen said...

I love it! The one of the cow with it's ears back is awesome, great shot:) My latest phase(since England) has been photographing chickens. There's something about them that I love. I used to be obsessed with cows as a kid, called them mooin's.

Amanda Jo said...

What a great gift He has given you! I love how you captured such personality in this cow!!! Thanks for the sweet reminder to find beauty in all of creation!

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