Monday, July 5, 2010

summer lovin' or lovin' summer

I am so much enjoying summer! It has been just lovely.
I celebrated my birthday on Thursday and we went down to Cape May. It is such a extraordinary spot that God has allowed us to enjoy. We first went to the Cape May County Zoo. For all the people that live close enough to get there I strongly recommend taking your family. It is by far one of the best zoo's that I have ever been too. We have been several times and I always remember as we are walking around why we go back. It is clean. It is well maintained & it is free.
We took a picnic lunch with us and ate in the shade of some enormous trees. Then we walked around the zoo. We hopped into my  Candy Apple Red '67 Mustang  family van.... and drove to Sunset Beach. (Which is also free) What an amazing spot. (seriously get there once in your lifetime. ) Driving around Cape May you feel like you have been transported back to the 19th Century. Words can't describe these estates.  Gorgeous.
Then we spent the weekend at the Delaware River with my family. I haven't gotten a chance to download my pictures yet. What  great way to spend 4th of July!
All in all we have had a busy yet wonderful few weeks.

Oh and I took a photograph while I was at the beach that happens to be my favorite that I have ever taken in my life.  ( I cried when I saw it ) It got me. You know... it evoked that emotion.... that certain something. I will share it in another post.

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.


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Kathy G said...

I have been to Cape May and Sunset Beach and have wonderful memories of a trip my husband and I made there. I particularly remember the colors of the those pebbles...I brought home a little bag of them, along with some salt water taffy and a beautiful antique model sail boat. The pictures of your girls...precious.

marge said...

now, see, if i took those pictures they would be all out of focus and blurry, but you...girl, you've got talent! :)
sound like a lovely trip!

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