Saturday, December 10, 2011


I am happy.

Despite my life circumstances right now... I am trying to look 

at all the wonderful things. 

1. Last night I got to go on a real date with my husband.
dinner and a movie.

2. Came home to a warm house. (Emily kept the fire going)

3. Came home to 3 kids in bed. 
(Emily got everyone to bed and then put herself to bed)

4. Came home to a clean clean home. 
(yup, Emily again.)
by the way.. I LOVE when she cleans up the kitchen. 
it always seems better when she does it

5. Going to cut down our Christmas tree today. 
It is Sara's year to pick... (this is a great honor...)

6. Despite the fact that I never get to pick the tree (I like a small tree the rest
LOVE the most ginormous tree you have ever seen)
I love this family tradition! 

7. I love my family. 
I am not sure how many more Christmas's I will have with all 3 of my girls 
living at home, As Emily is 18. 
(makes me so sad to think of a Christmas when
we are not all together) but I know that someday that 
will come. 

8. I have only bought one Christmas gift so far... 
i am trying not to stress about this... but I am usually done by now. 
but, I am going to trust that the LORD will
allow me to get it all done.

9. I have one more Christmas show this coming Sat. 
so this week I will be sewing like a nut job again. 

10. I am so thankful for everything I have. 
God has blessed me with a wonderful husband, 
3 amazing little girls. 
and I am HIS. what more could I ask for. 

Have a blessed Saturday. 



Jen said...

Love this! I'm thinking we all should make daily lists to remember what we are grateful for.... it's all too often that we forget the amazing things in our lives!
And yes, you DO have an amazing family, missing you all like crazy!

Grateful4Crochet said...

This is a great list!!!
My eldest is 18 as well, and it makes me feel strange that the number of Christmases with him living with us may be limited!!!

Emily said...

i love you happiness list. it makes me happy too!

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