Monday, June 3, 2013

happy monday

Happy Monday folks.... 

Here are things I will be finishing up on this very rainy 

First up will be to Finish this Quilt back and then decide upon Quilting this monster...
Queen Size on my Bernina... Any ideas?  
I was thinking of sending it out but I have never sent a quilt out to be 
quilted. I think it is part of the process for me. (that and I guess I am cheap)
After talking to a friend yesterday about it It made me realize that 
It needs to be finished by me... This quilt has been a LONG process. 

You can read about it here... 

anyway, that post was over a year ago... 
So here I am getting ready to finish up the back and 
get this puppy together. 

 I have just been an awful terrible blogger as of late
I have done so much over the winter and spring that I have yet to write about. 
I redid Maddie's room. PINK. 
and I made a few paintings for her. 
She has this thing (not one of my other girls ever did this) 
she will find something she likes to wear and that will 
be it. EVERYDAY. Every single day she will want to wear the same thing. 
And I have learned pick my battles so to speak
and clothing is not a battle that I want to have every morning
so I usually wash the "Chosen" and let her wear it again
anyway all that to explain the painting below. 
It was from this shirt she had. 
I did love it and it was one of those "Chosen" 
articles of clothing. 
so I painted a picture of it and hung it on her wall. 

I am not an painter so don't judge... 
but Maddie thought it was pretty special. 
and I thought the whale was pretty cute as well. 

I repainted her dresser with homemade chalk paint. 
and I LOVE it. 
I found some vintage linens for her bed and made some curtains 
from my favorite line... POSEY

I have yet to actually take pics of any of these things.. 
I need to get on it. 

I wanted to leave you with a verse I heard yesterday that
hit a note in my heart.... 

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;
in ALL your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. 

Life doesn't always go how we think it should. 
Here lies the problem. WE think it should be going a certain direction...
God knows it should be going another. 
we pull and pull and pull to go our way... 
doesn't work. 
we go all cattywampus. 
(you bet I had to look up the 
spelling of that word) 

the bible says submit to HIM in all your ways.... (YIKES) 
and he will make our path straight. 
Something I need to really work on. 

anyway, just an update for any of you that read this...
Our eldest daughter was blessed with a job. 
and I do say BLESSED because this job
was a direct answer to prayer and also 
i can't even believe how god worked this out... (another blog post)
All I can say is AMAZING how God worked. 

anyway, Have a very wonderful, productive, creative,  day. 


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