Tuesday, August 27, 2013

what lies ahead.

A day before we left. Sara Shared with us that she had been thinking about being home schooled. 
she thought it would be a great idea for her. 
She will be entering 9th grade. 
(in 2 weeks) 
oh boy. part of me was yelling HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. 
while part of me was saying... OH NO this kids smarter then I am .... How will I teach her.
Oh that devil he tells us lies. doesn't he..... 

but rest assured... I spoke to a good friend that home schools her 4 girls
(1 in high school) 
and I am confident.


I love that this girl of ours wants to be HOME. 
Home to build Character. Morals. Christian Values. 
I love that at such a vulnerable time in her life when 
most 14 year olds want nothing to do with their parents, 
well, mine does. 
Man I am welling up inside.

I am so happy and feel incredibly blessed that I 
will get to nurture and shape her just a little longer. 

You see as I am writing these words 
God is making me think about some things. 
Sara was only about 2 when I had to go to work full time 
crazy hours. 40 plus a week. 
My sister watched her. 
What a BLESSING that was and still is.
But I missed out. 
I have always felt that I missed out. 

and now God is granting me this extra time with my little girl
while she is growing into a incredible young lady. 

I can't be more excited. 
I can't even begin to tell you all that this means to me. 
Especially at the season in my life 
where so many changes have been happening 
in our lives / family / work 

Sara, she makes me smile. And laugh, and think. 
She makes me twitchy with her love for MATH. 
she makes me sing praises for the gifts that GOd has given her. 
and she is humble what a beautiful quality. 

It is going to be an exciting and wonderful journey we are about to begin in 
a short few weeks. A journey that is going to be hard at times and lovely at times. 
I can not wait. 



Jen said...

SO SO SO excited for you! What a blessing that girl is and has been to me too! Her sweet spirit and the hilarious shenanigans are just too much awesome and I can't wait for you to get to experience that on a whole new level! And it's so true what you said, how amazing that at a time when most teens want to get away from their mom, she's asking ASKING for more time with you. God is good isn't He?! Praying for this new adventure for your family, you'll kick butt Amy! Love ya!

Paul said...

All good things come.....

maggie may said...

how is it going for y'all???
enjoying it?

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