Friday, August 23, 2013

a camping we will go, a camping we will go....

 Here we are in front of our humble camper. 
We love it. It is just perfect for us. 
(yes, I secretly wish it was our little vintage travel trailer)
Someday. It will come. 
But for now this is what we are lucky enough to have. 

 We Camped one night in Lancaster... I have zero 
pictures from there b/c we pulled in and set up in the pitch black at 11:30 at night...
light shining only from my phone and neighbors far to close.. every squeal or squeak seemed to
be magnified 10 fold. 
 and we took down and moved to our destination the next afternoon. 
so no time for any photos there. 

The final destination was the KOA in Elizabethtown, PA
It was lovely. we set up our pop up 
plugged her in and relaxed. 

 We had the most beautiful weather.
warm enough for swimming and cool at night. 
you know, sweatshirt at night cool. I love that. 

We swam in the beautiful pool.
Sara was warming herself in the sun. 

Maddie became braver and braver by the end. 

I had booked our site kind of last minute and i they had left was this deluxe site. 
it was DELUXE. we had our own patio / firepit / grill.
One of the things I love about maddie is that 
she finds entertainment where ever she goes. 
Its a gift. she played like this for a long while.

one day we visited Hershey Chocolate world. 
We decided not to go to the park and add over 200 dollars (for 4 of us) 
to our day. 
So we had a blast on the free ride at Chocolate world and 
we went to the 4D movie there. 
So much fun. 
Maddie picked out a hershey bar stuffed animal 
that she now calls, What else, Hershey. 

We had the best corn I have eaten all summer
from a farmer down the road. 

We bought delicious home made root beer 
from an Amish road side stand in Strasburg. 

Maddie decorated the front of our camper with a streamer she got at Hershey.
People go all out with lights and flags and things for the campers....
man I have a banner I should have brought... 
oh well next time. Maddie was happy as can be with her
little gold streamer. 

She also wrapper herself in it. 
and while we packed up she found a caterpillar who 
she became fast friends with.

It was lovely to be together. 
We missed Emily very much. 

it was kind of sunny in this one but I loved it... 

The End. 


Paul said...

GREAT Pictures, Aim' glad you all had a nice deserve that special time with the family!!!

Jen said...

Oh camping.... You make it look kinda fun, I think next time I'll come... And stay in a nearby hotel ;) wonderful pictures and even better memories!

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