Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Beautiful Atlantic

So the day started with a trip to the Atlantic Ocean to watch my brother n law jump in to the 38 degree icy Atlantic Ocean. It was the Polar Plunge. They raised 1 million dollars for the Special Olympics. Cool! So it was a perfect opportunity to take some photographs. YAY ME!

So here are some of them I took about 340. I didn't have time to put them all up..... The first few photographs were taken on the way home from the shore. I made Dom get off ( I mean I asked my husband to pleeeeze get off the parkway at the Bloomfield Exit so I could take these.) He even waited patiently and helped me climb up onto the hood of the mini van so I could get my shots. (ahhh the love of a good man) So Enjoy. I had a blast with my family and taking some beautiful shots of them. (easy to photograph they are all pretty beautiful looking) I know I have a biased opinion...

First 4 shots Were taken in Bloomfield, NJ

Linnea - I love taking portraits of this girl!

Crazy Emily & Grace

My Mom
My Dad

My Sara

My Niece Linnea

My Niece Grace
(she told me to delete this but I think she is beautiful!)

Sara again

Dad & Madelyne

Mom and Dad with some of their Grandkids

A happy bunch

Grace freezing.

Kirk who went into the ocean.

Doesn't the water just look Freezing?

Finally I don't know this guy but I liked his funky cap.

Have a fun weekend.

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YarnPlusYarn said...

Amy, thanks so much for following my blog. I will now be following yours because your pictures are amazing!! Good to know that we also share a common faith. Look forward to getting to know you through you blog posts!

Hi I'm Amy, said...

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement! I needed that.

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