Monday, March 29, 2010


I have a very bad habit. I get completely overwhelmed by life. My Life. I get anxious and irritable and downright horrible. I get consumed by thoughts that I have no control of. I become consumed by what I don't have. Hmm lets just STOP for a moment. I become so controlled by what I have no control over and I forget to just rest in what I do have. I forget to take the joys and the wonderful way that God continues to provide for my family and rejoice in them. Someone told me that God's Plan for us is not the same thing as the so called American Dream. That was one of the most inspirational things that any one has ever said to me. Does God provide just enough each and every month for us to be able to live and pay all of our bills, YES. Does God love me and will bless me for the sacrifices that I make for my family and children, YES. I have to Stop trying to work things out myself, put my Faith and my eyes back upon the Lord , where they belong, and rest in the comforts and blessings that He has given me. I need to live one day at a time and not be consumed by what the future holds. I need to take a step back and give my thoughts to Him and focusing on that will take the power away from the mess, confusion and the unknown.

I just needed to get that off my chest. Re Focus on what really matters and prayer a bit. Ya know I feel like a new person when I don't wallow around in self pity!
Have a blessed day.

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Paul said...

I couldn't agree more ;)

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