Tuesday, January 29, 2013


man, i am behind. 
I guess life just happened and poor ol' blog suffered. 
I realized today as I was looking at my photos that I am literally months
behind in photos..... 

My husband and I took a trip to Lancaster for our anniversary in November. 
and here are some of the photos.... 

I love Lancaster. It is sooo lovely. 
Hope you enjoy this brief look 
at it. Can you tell I have a thing for fields and barns.... 
I must have 1000's of photos of barns and farms and fields... and cows and sheep. 
perhaps a book one day? that would be awesome. 
anyway, here is hoping someone is still reading this little blog o mine... 

have a wonderful day. 
I am nursing 2 kids with the ((FLU)) 
boo for the flu. 


Jen said...

Well dagnabbit! Now you've gone and got me longing for Lancaster! I wish we were driving those streets gazing upon that fabulous farmland... Beautiful pictures as usual Amy!
Longing for Lancaster

Gina Norman said...

Oh my goodness LOOK how beautiful Amy!!! Dreamy...


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