Tuesday, June 11, 2013

we have decided...

We have decided to Homeschool

Yup. Probably why I have been such a terrible blogger. I have been in fact researching 
and looking at millions
of things Regarding homeschool. 

I actually am incredibly blessed to have met an amazing Homeschooling MOM. 
who I am gleaning from. 

So I am pretty pumped. 
 I have chosen our curriculum, WE are going to be using My Fathers World. 
I have joined 2 co ops for Maddie next year. 
One is a Fine Arts Co OP that is AMAZING.
it meets once a week and is just an incredible 
the other meets every other week. 
SHe will have gym, music, art and  lots of socialization there. 

This is something that God put on my heart years ago with Emily and Sara. 
But my husband never agreed with me on it. 

I have to tell you that this year it was a stress thinking about sending
Maddie to Kindergarten in public school next year.
I literally was unable to sleep thinking on it.
One night as I lie there wide awake...
i turned to my husband (who was sleeping)
and told him I just couldn't send her.

He said fine.
Homeschool her.

Praise God.
serious answers to prayers here.

I get all sorts of reactions from people but the most surprising to me
is the women who ask Why? Why do you want to do that?
How could you?  I get all the time, I could never be with my kids that much.

Maybe its because I see just how quickly life is going,
our oldest will be turning 20 this summer. How did that happen?
No, really, where is time going? She was just a little girl riding her bike,
playing outside with her bunnies.. and now she is a woman.

So to answer all those Mom's I say,
I want to be with my kids as much as I can, I want to teach them all
that God needs me to have them learn because in the grand scheme of life
we only have our little ones for a very short time and I want to savor every single second
of that time we are given.

I also see how liberal  our public schools are becoming and I don't
like the path they are taking. Further and further away from God.

Its funny, the other day when we were taking Sara to school,
Maddie asked her  if her teachers have Jesus in their hearts.
Sara said I don't know.
I then explained to maddie how they don't talk about Jesus in school.
Why are we not more Horrified? We absolutely should be. anyway.

I am sure there will be good days, GREAT days &
some really hard days as well. but
I am so glad God has put this in my heart.
I am so glad my husband is behind me with this decision.
And we are so excited for the future.

Oh and By the way Maddie just had her very first piano recital.
God has given this child the gift of music for sure.
Here she is in a lesson 

and here she is at her recital. 
She played "Mary Had a Little Lamb" 
She had the Best curtsy of anyone in the entire show. 
What a blessing this girl is. 
Her Piano teacher Ms. Karen always tells me
"I am excited to see What  God Does with  Maddie."
I am excited as well. 

Go hug your kids. 

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Gina Norman said...

you will do amazing!!! Love your decision Amy, I can be praying for you guys??


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