Wednesday, September 5, 2012

random running thoughts.

 5 weeks. 

Half way to running my 5 K. 

I don't feel like I am going to die when I run anymore. 

I feel great. 

I realize that I should have taken a before picture of myself 
day one week one

my clothes feel different a lot looser. 
this makes me happy. 

Did I say I am much happier when I am thinner. 

My husband told me my arms were getting bulky. 
(he lovingly  meant to say buff) 
this has now become the family joke. 

I LOVE my husband as he is helping me to achieve my goals
even when he really doesn't want to. 

I am so using my running time to pray and have time with God. 
mostly just thanking GOD when I running that i don't die while running. 

I have been running to Blue Grass and Keith Green. 
Toby Mac is in the playlist as well, 

It is amazing to see how day one week one,
 I could barely run for a minute. 
and now I can run for 5 at a time. 
with only a 3 min walk and then another 5 min run. 
(that was yesterday's run) 

And that's it for now. 


Katrina said...

You go girl!!! So proud. You won't regret it and when you finish that 5K you'll start to think: what other 5Ks can I do? I ran my first last year and am planning another - and now think I should (and can) bump it up to 10K!

Keep up the hard work! And keep bulking those arms up (LOL!)


Paul said...

Good for You, Aim'!!

Would love to go see you run a race & cheer you on!!

Betsi* said...

Way to go, Amy! You look and sound fantastic. Uh-oh, you might be motivating me to start running again!

maggie may said...

i was just telling my hubs about you and your husband and how he's running to support you and encourage you!
what a wonderful picture of marriage!
i need to get off my bum and stop eating oreos and start moving. thanks for the loving, gentle kick in the pants.
lookin' good!

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