Tuesday, September 25, 2012


* I am sick. 
For the past 2 days. 

Oh whoa is me. 

Heavy cold. 
I was unable to run yesterday because of it.
feeling guilty about that. 
I was reminded that it would be okay if I skipped a day due to illness...
but I still feel a bit bad. 

* I did my photo shoot with a precious little baby girl.

8 days old.

* some things I learned from this shoot. 

1.  I need to stick to my style. 
When someone hires me they are paying me 
for my artistic vision. Don't get me wrong, I love suggestions. 
But every suggestion isn't always going to work with who I am 
or my particular style. 

2. Not everyone is going to love my style. 
and that really is okay. I am okay with people not loving my work.
Although, I am not okay with I didn't stay true to who I am as 
a photographer/artist and them not loving my work. 
I allowed to much "input" if you will 
and my work suffered. 

3. I am pretty sure that # 1 and # 2 are the same thing. 

So. I need to stay true to who I am. 
Sometimes we feel pressure 
from our clients. 
(I have never felt this before) 
Most times people allow me to go in and just do my thing. 
I felt a lot of pressure, I don't think I work well under those circumstances. 

Oh well.... Cest la vie. 

live and learn. 

* yesterday while laying on t he sofa all day long, I got to thinking about 
my living room. 
It is dull. 
Needs some fabulous bleached drop cloth slipcovers
that I can throw a fabulous colorful quilt over the back of. 
About 3 years ago we bought a sectional from Costso.
Ya know the one. Everyone has it. the microfiber with the ottoman. 

anyway,  It has served us well, but it really hasn't worn well, 
like Springs poking you in the rear when you sit upon it 
and its not all that comfy to lay down and cuddle on. 
So I have 2 sofa's currently living in the basement that I thought
maybe I could convince my husband that I could slipcover and put upstairs 
.... I haven't told him of my plans yet. He does sooooo love my plans... 

anyway, i think that would be amazing. 
and what do I have to loose. 
I will start with the bigger sofa
and get a few huge drop cloths bleached and ready to whip up....
I think it would be fabulous. 

(can you tell the blog I was reading yesterday was Miss Mustard Seed? )

well, off to start my day, I have been a complete slacker since Sunday. 

have a most fabulous day. 

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