Wednesday, September 12, 2012

running - week 6

 week 6
I am only a few weeks away to running my first 5 K 
I found a race for Oct 14. 

I am feeling great. 
I haven't really been weighing myself since the first week, 
only because It usually makes me sad that I don't see what I want to see
and then I usually give up. 
So this time I just decided not to. 
However, last night I took a sweatshirt out of my closet. 
(hasn't fit since I had Maddie and she is going to be 5...) 
I pulled it out. Slipped my arms in ...
BAM. it fit. 
Let us just say I did the happiest happy dance....

I decided to get on the old scale this morning.... 


down 13 pounds. 

Happy girl I am. 

yup, happy. 

my husband is fabulous. 
have I mentioned that before. 
he motivates me even though he LOATHes running. 
I was so discouraged this week for some crazy reason...
and I seriously considered quitting. 
I totally talked my self out of being able to run what I had to .... 
my husband said to me... why are you psyching your self out? 
You can do it. 

and we went running. 
and I did it. 
I did it well.

and at the half way point I yelled out...


I am sure people going by may have thought I was coo koo...

don't care. 

So here I am in a terrible self portrait.... 

My husband is looking hot. 
slimming down. had to loosen the old belt 3 notches. 
YAY, Dom. 

Well. that's all for this week. 

the end.



Paul said...

Congratulations & Well Done!!

ginanorma said...

wow! that is awesome:)

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