Monday, October 7, 2013


Funny and sad how instagram has changed blogging. 

I have been so busy with life and everything else that goes along with it that
I don't really feel like devoting time to blogging. 

That last statement is both true and sad to me. 

I LOVE homeschooling and I am so very happy and blessed that 
my kids are loving it as well. 

I finally found a church I am being fed in. 

I am so happy that Sara is thriving in this home environment. 
She even got a job at the local hardware store twice a week. 
She is loving her youth group as well. 
It is good. It is wonderful. 

We are adjusting to this life, Summer had some of the strangest 
craziest things happen. We are adjusting. 

Ww lost our puppy LULU  (11 1/2 years old) 
the Second week of September. 
It has been so sad without here. 
I miss her. 
I miss her barking. 
I just plain miss her. 

Maddie keeps asking when we will be getting a new puppy. 
My husband and I want to very different breads.
I would like another female bearded collie
and he wants a male german shepherd. 
We may just end up getting 2 puppies and raise them up 

People think we are crazy. 
We are. 
I don't care what people think. 

Even though there is a lot of craziness going on
God is good. 
He blesses us. 

He continually blesses us. 

I will end with some lulu pics. 

the day we brought her home. 

Here she is about 10 months old. 
Em is probably around 8 and sara is 3

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Paul said...

Thank you for posting the LuLu pics...I had forgotten how small & cute she was as a puppy (well, she was ALWAYS cute!!).

I'm so glad the "Canfield-Rehbein Institute" has gotten off to a fantastic start; It will be a wonderful, and educational, experience for you all!!

& Looking forward to meeting the new puppies!!!

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