Tuesday, February 22, 2011


 For Sara's 12th birthday, I knew that I wanted to make her a new lunch bag.

I found the sweetest pattern on 

 I received the fabric and the pattern in the mail today.

I began to sew like a crazy person.

Thank goodness for my beloved sister. 

She had her at her house for the day. 

I finished. 

Just in time for her to open it before she goes to school in the morning.

By the way have I mentioned



Nicey Jane! 

Love love love. 

         For the inside I used the

 Heather Bailey Laminated Cotton.

and here is my little Bean and I when she was only about a year.

 Man she is cute. 

Makes me cry thinking how fast time is flying by. 

And when I look at how wrinkle free my skin was back then.... lol

The End. 


Jen said...

I LOVE Nicey Jane too!! That lunch bag is awesome, you talented little lady!

Laurie J said...

that fabric is great! what a fun idea to make a lunch bag. I'll have to wait til my daughter is school age. I just don't think my 8 yr old son is into those kinda things ;)

Deidre said...

I love that bag! I want one! Definitely on my "need to make" list.

Jenn said...

This is by far the cutest lunch bag I've ever seen! Thanks so much for following my blog, now I can follow yours too! Can't wait to see what you've been working on!

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