Friday, February 4, 2011

The Adventure's of Amy & Jen Pioneer Woman

As the next adventure unfolds.... 

Well we did it. (We meaning Jen and I) ((man I am going to miss her....  sad sad sad.)) But we will have to keep having fun until June until (dare I say it) the move to Georgia comes true. (darn that nervy husband of hers having to be a Dr...) Anyway this is not a sad post. No, this is a post about  wonderful memory that we made together this week. 

So in the midst of the weather men predicting the worst ice storm of the century (dramatic flare) Jen and I trekked into the city to meet our beloved Pioneer Woman, Ree Drumond.  SO we hopped on the train.. and away we went.  Good thing I had Jen along, She is a pro at hopping trains and such. I am a novas. Funny, being that I have lived no more then 20 miles from Manhattan my entire life. She maneuvered with such pen-ache. Like she has lived in the city all her life. At one point in our journey she told to move along... (going to slow) I was taking it all in... oh well. 

We arrived at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square. We went up to the 4th floor and saw that we could actually sit in the front row, right next to her Dad, his wife and her sister! WOW. So cool. Anyway, she was really lovely & funny and you just wanted to go hangout with her and talk about kids, cooking and her cattle ranch!

 It was really fun. I was really nervous. Which is not really like me. Strange, I guess it is just that I admire who she is as a woman, a mother and a wife. 

And there you have it that was our little New York adventure. Oh Yeah and we ate Moe's burritos next to some homeless people in Penn Station and some girl talking on her phone who sounded like she was in a time warp from the 80's... (as if!)

 So Much Fun and I am so glad that I got to experience that with Jen. 

the end. 

here she is Ree laughing at something witty I was saying.... LOL not really. 

The Book. 

Jen holding The Book. 

Ree answering some questions. She was wearing the Frye Boots..... ahhhh

Being silly.... 

I need to clean my lens better. There is a smudge. (I can hear you telling me Jen, maybe if you used your lens cover.... hehehe)

might be the worst shot of me ever. Jen looks darling and Ree looks stunning. I look as if I just rolled out of bed. LOL

Jen guiding me thru the city! 


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Jen said...

You've got to be kidding, rolled out of bed?! You look magnificent! We really do have some great adventures together:) Thanks for stalking her with me....Pretty sure she thinks that we're crazy!

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