Monday, February 28, 2011

polar plunge

My brother in law plunges into the frigid Atlantic Ocean with the Polar Bear Plungers. 
They do it as a fund raiser for Special Olympics in New Jersey. 
I believe that the water was 37 degrees this year. I think the air temp was 47. It was chilly. 
They have to run in and submerge themselves into the icy waters. 
brrrr. not for the faint of heart. 

There were 40,000 people there. 
I have decided that I am not a fan of being in the middle of 40,000 people. 
Anyway, I got a few shots that day & I am glad we went to support him. 

The first shot is of one of the United States Coast Guards boats.
(my Dad was in the Coast Guard) 

My Brother in law and his youngest son. 
after jumping in. 

 Brother in law and his wife... my sister.

 I have no idea who this man was I just liked that he was waving the Red, White and Blue.

 Our 3 girls and my 2 nieces. 

 My Brother in law and his 2 sons. 

 I loved this vintage Chevy... parked on the beach.

 I love this picture of my oldest. 
She is just who she is. 

Emily & Maddie with her "Boyfriend" Dom. 
Good Grief... why must they grow up??

the end. 


myriahmae said...

My mom did the polar bear plung in Maryland! I'm a follower now!! HEHEHE!

Anonymous said...

Your brother in law is so handsome!

Amy said...

Why yes, he is a handsome fellow....

Jen said...

I still think he's crazy:) I love love the shot of the Coast Guard boat and the one of your eldest(hehehe)! Great shots as usual!

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