Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I had the honor of Photographing one of the most amazing men that I know.

My Dad.

He is the Coolest! Best! Most Loving Dad I know....

He was awarded student of the year at Tae Kwon Doe. 

(He just got his black belt...) 

He needed a 8 x 10 with his large trophy... hehe

(My Mom won't let him display it in the china cabinet...) 

anyway, he knows this photographer... (me)

He came over so I could take a few shots of him.... (& his LARGE trophy)

Maddie wanted to be in all the shots with her "Papa" 

Melts my heart! 

Love You Dad.... You are my Hero. 


Jen said...

Awe:) Love your dad! Great shots! Little Maddie is just as precious as can be!

Jen said...

Oh, and Black Belt?!? Crazy!

Paul said...

Maddie is just WAY too cute..

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