Sunday, December 20, 2009

Our beautiful kids

Here is our oldest, Emily Elizabeth. She has toughness about her, yet knows just how to make me laugh and smile.

Here is our middle baby, Sara Lynne. I know that is odd "Baby" but she was my baby for 8 years before Maddie came. So to me she will always be my special baby. The one who just makes everything all right. The one who can hug you and make your heart skip a beat.

And last but far from least, our teeny tiniest baby, Madelyne Lily, a gift that we thought we would not be receiving but are so very happy that we did. Can't even imagine our lives without this one. She is as stubborn as her oldest sister yet so sensitive like her middle sister. She makes us all laugh and laugh and laugh. Oh how we love her. All of us.

This is sooooo Maddie. She ran in the other room and grabbed the mic.... I guess she thought this should be her shinning moment.... lol

Dom was standing next to me trying to make Maddie stand still for the pics... all 237 of them. Great job, Honey! I love you.

Maddie decided to give Sara some hugs during the photo shoot! lol

These were are happy memories for the day.

make sure you go and make some of your own.



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