Monday, December 14, 2009


Smashburger just opened in a town very close to where we live. It is the first one in NJ. Can I just say, YUM! We went there last night with our very good friend, Paul. You may have heard of him ( here on my Blog) anyway, It was a good time had by all. Very Very delicious.

My family loves me so much.... they insist that I take my camera and photograph them wherever we go. I really want to capture everyday life.... the moments that we have everyday that no one ever takes pictures of. So I charged up my little Sony Cyber Shot (and she shall be called baby) and stuck it her my pocket.... can't do that with my DSLR. (Who is I my Big grownup camera) .... also I forgot what fun video's are, and I can only take them with the baby camera. (Perhaps I have a bit to much time on my hands... actually I don't, I am just not getting the things done that I really need to. Ok I have to get my ADD brain back on track.......

Food, ah yes. so here they are in all their glorious yumminess..... ( can you tell I really like food a whole bunch)

Maddie waiting for the food... crazy haired people usually get served their food faster then most....

Em and Paul discussing Fried Pickles..... they have them there and I would suggest that everyone try them......

Sara & Paul (please Pablo try and contain your overwhelming enthusiasm )

Sara eating "the best burger she has ever tasted" BBQ BACON CHEESE burger it was good.
oh and they have very good milk shakes.

Chili Cheese Fries these came with fresh jalepenos (I am the only one that ate those) wimps ... just kidding. HOT is not even a word that I can best describe them. They were more like nacho fries to me. Good but I think the plain fries were better with the burger which I did not get a photo of... Paul was yealling at me to stop taking pictures and eat before my food got cold : ) (Harsh Paul)

Have a great day, I am going to bake my Amish Friendship Bread. The oven beeped to tell me it's all ready to go.

Enjoy your day all.




Paul said...

SmashBurger should hire you for Advertising, LOL!!!
....and I LOVE when I get to be in your Blog !! ;)

Hi I'm Amy, said...

I should have taken more pics of the delicious burgers.... but someone Whom shall remain nameless.... was yelling at me to eat : ) Love you Roger : )

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