Sunday, December 6, 2009

You too can make Fleece Pompoms... : )

This is dedicated to Angela.

Make fleece hats to keep your baby warm, make lots and lots and when she refuses to put them on, put them on a Teddy Bear instead. ( he won't complain)

Got one on her : ) (She left it on for exactly 3 pictures ) about 3 seconds, no joke.

And so what you've all been waiting for,
Without further ado onto the tutorial

Fleece POMPOMS made easy:

2 Ingredients:

Rotary cutter or scissors

Yield: 1 very cute pompom

Cut a long strip of fleece; I did mine 25 " and then depending on how big you want your POMPOM that determines the width, I did mine at about 4 1/2" For a nice big pompom.
I also did some at 2 " for a tiny pompom

Fold the strip in half lengthwise.

Clip the edges within a 1/4" of the fold. (DO NOT CLIP THRU FOLD)
Clip the length of the strip.

Strip after Clipping

Roll the cut strip up like a cigar. Keeping it tight.

Tie the rolled strip tight with a long narrow piece of fleece (You could also sew it with a needle and thread but I am lazy) Pull as tight as you can.

Fluff up the finished POMPOM : )

use the narrow strip that you tied the pompom with to Sew onto hat or scarf.


Be Creative and use the Right side of your brain....

xoxo Amy

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