Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Blog

     I have to tell you about this new blog, well, it is new to me. The  Regan Family Farm blog. Hop on over there and take a peak.

One of the reasons that I started blogging and reading blogs was it was a way for me to escape the stress of what was going on in my life at the moment and relax and look at someone else's goings on... for a bit. It helped me to cope. 

This blog is lovely. It is about a family, who is really living. Seeking a  God Centered simple life (I love that statement)  So anyway, I just stumbled on them and hoping you find some inspiration there as well. 

Right now they are having a great giveaway (yay I love that) a great skirt pattern and fabric of your choice! Loving this store... Marie Madeline Studio. So check that out too all you sewers.

Have a blessed Sunday.

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