Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Snowstradamus 2010 A Graffitti Odessy

I am very excited for our good friend Carm aka "SNOW"
He had a solo exhibit in a beautiful gallery in Hoboken,
Snowstradamus 2010 
Please if you live in the metropolitan area make a day off it. Get down to see it. 
It is truly inspirational. I was lucky enough to be able to attend the opening and 
also cover the event. 
It will be there all month and then a big closing party at the end...
I am really looking forward to that. 

I think my grand total of photographs was 989. WOW.... (okay it dwindled down as I began to go
through them)  but all in all I got a lot of Fabulous shots. I am still editing. I think that I nonstop edited for about 10 hours on Monday. 

 I also Got to do one of my
favorite things... People watching , YAY! Love doing that. It is the most interesting thing to me
I love watching and capturing people. Come to think of it... 
that may be one of my favorite subjects to Photograph,

So here it is .... My view on Snow's amazing work.




and last but hardly least.... wearing heals while... Climbing up and down ladders /  kneeling down at odd angels to get good shots / standing for hours an hours..... can we all say it together... OUCH.

   By the way.. I love you Carmelo. You continue to inspire me and help 
push me to be a better & more complete artist. 
Thank you for believing in me.
 & I am so proud of you, 
Being true to 
who you

                                                       Photo Courtesy of Paul Volpe


marge said...

my favorite is the brown shoes. good good stuff. i need some of your beautiful photography to hang in my house. hmmmm.....i will be looking into this some more after we find our new house. ;)

Amy said...

Marge that would be my pleasure.... : ) How is the house hunting going???

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